Travel App 
This is an exercise during class at Brainstation. By drafting questions to interview my peer Lana, I came up with a solution for a travel app. 
Duration: 60 minutes

1. Where have you been?
Many cities in Europe, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cuba, and in Canada, Calgary, Vancouver. 
2. What did you like and dislike in your most memorable trip?
Cuba, she chose the wrong time so she didn't like the weather. She liked that it's calm and relax.
3. If you could go there again, is there anything you want to change?
Timing & hotel. 
4. If you are planning to travel, how would you plan out the trip?
First of all, it has to be within financial budget, and if her friends are free and would like to go together. 
5. Why would you go on travelling?
Travel experience are invaluable, you can learn about new places, experience with friends to build relationship. 
6. What would you bring back? Photos, souvenirs, etc. 
Souvenirs, photos, gift for friends, share emotions and happiness. 
Problem statement: 
1. "I need to pick a travel destination that fits within my financial budget, and within my friends' time schedule and will." 
2. "I need to make sure the destination has nice weather." 
Capture findings: 
Lana's goal: build relationship with friends. 
My findings: Lana needs to travel to somewhere with nice weather to relax. She needs to do more research on weather and hotel pre-travelling. 
POV: Lana travels to gain invaluable experience during the trip so that she can share her experience, happiness and gifts with her friends and family. 
Initial idea: the main feature include map, chat, vote/poll, and budget calculator. 
Solution: This app will have landmarks, hotels, restaurants, and weather as the main labels; chat, budget calculator, schedule and calendar as the main functions. Within each label, user can check price and reviews by others, to help them make a choice. Users can view the distance between destinations to help them plan out their journey. They can create a poll in the group chat to decide their schedule. By adding hotels / tourist attraction destinations, users can view the total budget and breakdowns, to ensure that they are within budget. Users can share their availability on calendar, and adding destinations to schedules can help them easily plan out their trip.